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Guatemala 2020

Acts of service come in many forms. This past week I traveled to the tight-knit community of Santiago Atitlan in remote Guatemala. Here lies ADISA, the unique organization that serves the mentally and physically disabled of the regions with physical and speech therapy, work skills training, and a general level of community love and supportRead More

The Nightly Grind

Nighttime teeth grinding (or what we like to call it: Bruxism) Paul the plumber comes into Storyville complaining of a sore jaw in the morning, generalized tooth sensitivity, and daytime headaches. With conversation, we applaud the fact that Paul is a new dad! Historically, bruxism has been associated with increased daytime stress. While I haveRead More

sore jaw? avoid these three things

The Daily Grind

Nurse Nancy walks into Storyville with the complaint of afternoon headaches, limited jaw opening, a sore jaw, and sensitive teeth. The likely cause? Daytime teeth grinding and clenching also known as daytime bruxism. Sources including Colgate estimate that more than 60% of Americans are active day grinders/clenchers or nighttime bruxers. Are you? The Big ThreeRead More