California Dreamin’

On a recent rainy day, I tuned into my “Greatness Guide” Rich Roll as he interviewed Kamal RaviKant   In the episode, Kamal presents the concept of the invisible necklace (or medal) we all wear around our necks.

In this current grand social experiment, I am spending a lot of time cleaning up the invisible necklace around my neck.  This process is easiest to undertake when one removes himself from the comforts of his routine, thus my recent trip to California. 


The value of self love=the value of your necklace

A wonderful revelation is finding out that we decide what our necklace looks like:

  1. Does our necklace shine with beautiful gems or is it rusted from lack of attention?
  2. Does it resemble spiritual beads like a rosary?
  3. Are there charms attached to represent the titles we claim? “mom/dad,” (insert profession or status here if you choose), Varsity letterman, Beauty school dropout?
  4. Or does your necklace take the form of Olympic medals?

Wearing your invisible necklace with pride takes a willingness to reflect on your past as a series of building blocks in making you the person you are today.  The important “therapy” is getting real about the self talk you choose about those past challenges.  Are you a positive or negative self-talker?  Is your language that of a resilient creative, a content sheep, or a victim of circumstance?  These are all choices we make daily, if not moment to moment.


It is less important that you are able to outwardly verbalize the invisible necklace you carry into every conversation or relationship.  But know that your perception of this necklace naturally dictates the way you handle yourself in each interaction, guides your words and (re)actions, and ultimately determines how you are perceived by those around you.  Because the energy you bring into any interaction is a reflection of how you perceive your own invisible necklace.  This is defined as your self-worth.  With each mile I pedaled (over 350 total), I was able to more clearly see the necklace around my own neck.

Cheers to great friends and free time!

My guides this past week were my childhood best buddy, Mathew McNelley, and his beautiful family.  I relearned so many things harvesting joy in each moment before me.  Be it a quality vinyl played over conversation with coffee.  Breezy chill times under shady palms.  Miles bicycled along the Pacific Coast and through endless rows of citrus trees.  Or songs sung to a High School Musical soundtrack introduced by my 17-year old baby girl to Matt’s 6-year old baby girl.  What a gift this current moment is and how grateful am I to spend it with such special friends and family.  Take a look at your necklace, take inventory of how it does or doesn’t shine.  Own it, for it is you!

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