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Raising the bar on child evaluations

Why does my child grind her teeth at night? Does he wake up with a sweat? Are the bedsheets tangled? Why such a noisy breather? Dr Haydel and I recently attended a course offered by a dental industry leader in airway obstructions, sleep apnea, and use of sleep devices (CPAP, snore appliances, etc). Nearly allRead More

Rx: More Sleep

In 2018 I started an intensive self-exploration in sleep.  According to the National Institute of Health, up to 10 million Americans are affected by chronic sleep disorders.  It didn’t take a whole lot of analysis or extensive testing to know that I was part of that growing group and had been for many years.  Read More

Cowtown Here I Come!

Treatment #2 brought the surprise visit of JP, best man in Lynda and my wedding, who made a special trip from Fort Worth as a welcomed sign of love and support. When you’re hooked to an infusion machine for 8+ hours, it’s good to have an old friend around keeping things light. And if anyoneRead More

“So, Doc, What’s new?”

That’s a challenging question to answer these days. With my recent cancer diagnosis, I’ve had a chance to spend a lot of quiet time clearing my head- also called chemotherapy. The cancer is a retroperitoneal follicular lymphoma. Imagine a large peanut butter jar somewhere jumbled up behind my stomach and small intestine. The size and,Read More

New Year News

Happy New Year from Storyville! I hope the recent holiday found you deep in laughter & joy, surrounded by those you love (possibly a few you only tolerate because they’re family). We had an amazing year here, continuing to grow and serve smiles of all ages. This summer we debuted our website. We worked toRead More

Introducing Dr. Sarah Haydel

Storyville Family Dentistry is excited to announce the addition of Dr. Sarah Haydel to our team! Dr. Haydel was born and raised in Monroe, Louisiana. She attended LSU where she majored in Biological Sciences with a minor in Psychology. She then moved to New Orleans for dental school. Dr. Thibodaux first met Dr. Haydel asRead More

Welcome to Storyville Family Dentistry

Welcome to Storyville Family Dentistry and our new webpage. We wanted this digital space to be much like our office space, so we kept the vibe relaxed. What you’ll find here is our team mission, summaries of services, bios on staff, and recurring blog posts by Dr. Haydel and I. Don’t expect detailed explanations ofRead More