Dr Ryan’s Frequently Axed Questions

You may have seen that I just recently shared the cancer news via Facebook and Instagram @drbossfloss.  It’s been heartwarming to read the replies, feeling the love and support in each one. Many people have asked similar questions, so I figured I’d address those here:


What were your symptoms?”  While I never experienced intense pain, I would often have stomach pressure and an unsettled feeling after large meals.  We now know, the position and size of the enlarged lymph nodes in my abdomen serve as a physical barrier to digestion at times.  My diet over the last 18 months has shifted to more organic, easier digested foods as a result. I have successfully experimented with intermittent fasting, shifted to clean eating of locally sourced foods and given up on the idea that I will ever be a massive, flexing bodybuilder!


How did your doctor find the mass?”  Unfortunately, my blood work has shown no sign of illness over the years.  As the mass slowly grew in size, a bulge was noticeable in my belly. My MD, Dr Tara Berner (https://www.ochsner.org/doctors/tara-berner) wisely suggested a simple ultrasound.  Bingo! CT scan confirmed location. PET scan confirmed cancer. Needle biopsy confirmed cancer type and dictated path to treatment.


Are you missing work and/or gigs for treatment?”  To date, I have worked a full schedule, though at a less intense pace.  The team at Storyville has done a great job of giving me time to rest, as needed.  Dr Sarah Haydel, AKA “Dr Sunshine” has blended wonderfully with the Storyville vibe and helped maintain the experience our clients have come to love.  I have taken a few Bucktown All-Star gigs off that involve either late nights or travel. 


How often are your treatments, and for how long?”  My first treatment was broken into multiple visits through the month of January.  I was given one week off to recover before starting my second session on the first weekend of February.  From here, my treatments are once per month involving a long Friday infusion for immunotherapy and a short Saturday infusion for chemotherapy.  My low day tends to be the Monday after each treatment.


Do you need anything?”  I can’t say that I do at this time.  The cards, gifts, meals, and words of support have gone a long way to keep my mindset positive.  Attitude is always a choice, regardless of the situation. Each day I harvest opportunities to radiate joy, be grateful for simple blessings, and leave a trail of positive experiences for others in my life.  Thanks for the support!


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