French Quarter Festin’ 2019

photos-Dinah Rogers

So enough of you guys have lovingly inquired about my health progress in the last few weeks to make a boy blush. In short, treatments are going very well. In fact, my MD and team at Ochsner were a little taken back by how well I am doing. Unfortunately, there was a new area of concern on my colon previously blocked from view in all other images. So last Saturday, off to the hospital I went for another CAT scan of the lower abdomen and pelvis. The hardest thing about going through these tests is waiting on the results. Two days later I get the call. Apparently, the new scan reveals something Lynda has been preaching for many years. I’m completely full of sh!t…LITERALLY!! Oh, the joys of chemotherapy. Don’t worry, I’m saving the truly gory details for my yet to be released autobiography.

Two more treatment sessions to go, and we’ll put this little detour behind us. I’ve already planned my first big celebratory adventure. Gabriela has agreed to let me chaperone her Sacred Heart service trip to Puerto Rico the first week of June. One Spanish teacher, two dads, and eight 16 year old girls. Dios mio!

Call Ya Mamma, the Love Train is coming through!

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