New Year News

Happy New Year from Storyville!

I hope the recent holiday found you deep in laughter & joy, surrounded by those you love (possibly a few you only tolerate because they’re family). We had an amazing year here, continuing to grow and serve smiles of all ages. This summer we debuted our website. We worked to make sure that the photos and message match the positive energy and relaxed vibe unique to Storyville. If you have yet to check it out:

Now for a bit of sad news, drawn by a combination of vague medical symptoms and generalized fatigue, I met with my MD recently for a series of tests, scans, etc. My wife, Lynda, and I both sat in shock as I was diagnosed with lymphoma, a treatable cancer. By the time you read this letter, I will have completed my first of many chemotherapy treatments. I know, quite a shock and a bit scary. Let me guess what you’re thinking…”Is Dr. Ryan going to lose that beautiful, full head of rapidly greying hair?!?” The early indications are probably not. The moustache is another story! Due to the unknown challenges of treatment, my work hours will be adjusted slightly.

Fortunately, we have already welcomed another dentist to Storyville, Dr. Sarah R Haydel. To say that Dr. Haydel has been heavily recruited to join us over the past few years is an understatement! Her warm personality, exceptional clinical skill, and unwavering attention to detail make her a perfect fit for our team. She brings with her seven years of experience in private practice and the cutest family you have ever seen!


Over my adult years, I have strived to lead a life of intention, regularly asking myself if my daily actions are in alignment with my core principles:

  • Do meaningful work that I am proud of.
  • Be grateful for daily blessings.
  • Choose the challenging path to physical and mental wellness.
  • Support those close to me, finding ways to help them shine and achieve.
  • Breathe deeply and be present.

I see this next medical challenge as a wake-up call to me to sharpen that focus. Lynda is the current Supervisor of Clinical Nursing at Ochsner Cancer Center where I am being treated. She is staying on top of the details of my life with cancer and what that entails. I’m in good hands!

As always, Thank You for all of the trust you continue to give to the Storyville Team.

Red Beans and Ricely Yours,

Ryan M Thibodaux, DDS

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