Our Story

Dr. Ryan Thibodaux has been practicing dentistry since the year 2000. He opened his own practice in 2002 after studying at the LSU School of Dentistry.  Storyville Family Dentistry came from a desire to take the clinical feel out of a dental visit, while still providing high-tech and high-quality services.

Many patients arrive at the dentist with a bad memory or experience from another dental office. At Storyville, we work to provide the complete opposite experience. Our office is calm and welcoming and we strive to remain present with every patient in our office.  Some patients even mistake our reception area for a living room.

So, what do we do well? We listen. Before any talk of medical history or x-rays, we sit down and get to know our patients’ personal story.  We give new patients a five-minute tour of their own mouth with the highest resolution intra-oral camera on the market. We then sit down shoulder-to-shoulder and look at their mouths together, literally.  Dr. Ryan goes through every tooth and every time, our patients say, “Wow! I have never seen my teeth like that before!”

After we’ve gotten to know our patients, our staff advocates for each patient’s personal health and helps guide them to make the best decision for their needs. When we get to know our patient first, we do our jobs better, and we make our patients more comfortable.

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