At Storyville Family Dentistry, we want to make sure you are the most comfortable you can be with your smile. Dr. Ryan spent ten years on faculty at LSU School of Dentistry, giving him more than a decade of experience with a wide range of dental concerns.

Often patients come to us with teeth that need to be removed or with space where a tooth is already missing. Patients tend to be embarrassed to have a gap in their teeth, or to loose function with a missing tooth. Our goal is to replace that tooth in a way that is effective and lasting for the patient. Our implanted support devices will provide a long-lasting and happy smile.

A Lasting Smile

The process of replacing a tooth can be difficult, but it is something that our office does well. We want our patients to leave with happy and full smiles. We have a number of options for replacing missing teeth, including fixed bridges, implants, and partials.

Dr. Ryan is well-versed in the best ways to treat your specific situation, and he is happy to sit down and explain the process to you in way that removes any fear or confusion.   Like with our other services, we strive to make replacement painless and easy, from the moment we sit down to discuss your concerns, to the day of the procedure and the trip home. We welcome questions that will make the process even more transparent for you. Your comfort is our priority.


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