At Storyville Family Dentistry, we are happy to meet and treat your entire family, and our goal is to provide you with the highest-quality dental services we can. Our range of services also includes orthodontics for children and adults who want to straighten their smile.

After 14 years practicing dentistry, Dr. Ryan went back to school and received advanced training and certification in orthodontics. Over 12 months, he went through over 100 hours of training in the practice of straightening teeth, so that he could provide his patients with even better care. Our office is able to provide orthodontic services in addition to our general dentistry services.  Dr Thibodaux used his break in early 2020 to earn Invisalign certification after providing traditional orthodontic services for over 6 years.

Major Corrective Services for Kids

We want you and your children to feel happy and confident with their smile. Kids are often the best candidates for orthodontics.  For kids 7 to 18, we offer early interceptive and corrective services. We can correct crooked and misaligned teeth in a couple different ways. We will sit down with both kids and their parents to discuss the orthodontic options best suited for them.  We provide both Invisalign and traditional metal brackets and wires to correct teeth shifting and crowding concerns.

Minor Tooth Movement for Adults

As we age, our teeth can shift slightly.  For adults whose teeth have shifted since having braces as a child, or for adults who want mild correction of their smile, we are happy to offer these services. Our office is equipped to work with our adult patients to help treat minor tooth movement.  Our office is Invisalign certified and also provides alternate clear aligner options for minor to mild cases of orthodontic relapse.


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