Raising the bar on child evaluations

Why does my child grind her teeth at night?
Does he wake up with a sweat? Are the bedsheets tangled? Why such a noisy breather?
Dr Haydel and I recently attended a course offered by a dental industry leader in airway obstructions, sleep apnea, and use of sleep devices (CPAP, snore appliances, etc). Nearly all of the material presented focused on treating the adult patient. We couldn’t help but ask ourselves, “Why are we not paying closer attention to our childrens’ tendencies and habits?!?”

No surprise here, but Dr Haydel and I are both very proud nerds. So like any proud nerd would do, we began to dig deeper on the topic of breathing and sleep in children. We probed the brains of our informed clients and friends: pulmonary MD, pediatric dentists, speech pathologist, and allergist. With their expert guidance, we have developed an early childhood assessment that covers more ground than any dental examination ever done on a young patient. We target to explore all elements of airway, sleep, tongue tie, and development from the very first dental visit. Just this week we identified concerns on two separate 1 year old patients and conversed with parents about exploring further with the appropriate specialists.

This assessment is one that we offer to all of our young patients at no additional charge. It’s done at a regular cleaning/exam visit and takes an additional 10 minutes. If you are interested in receiving our questionnaire prior to that visit, just email the office to request a copy. And you can thank Dr Haydel and me for being nerds later!


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