“So, Doc, What’s new?”

That’s a challenging question to answer these days. With my recent cancer diagnosis, I’ve had a chance to spend a lot of quiet time clearing my head- also called chemotherapy. The cancer is a retroperitoneal follicular lymphoma. Imagine a large peanut butter jar somewhere jumbled up behind my stomach and small intestine. The size and, more important, location rule out the option of surgery. So the team at Ochsner Cancer Center (which includes the lovely and talented Lynda Thibodaux, R.N.) have put together a treatment plan of weekly chemotherapy sessions for three (3) weeks, then monthly sessions into the summer.

I can assure you the 2019 year planner in my head had a lot less time sitting with an IV stuck in my arm and a lot less medicine. For the first day, I brought reading materials:
Can’t Hurt Me, and inspirational read from all-around endurance badass, David Goggins.

I also brought along our children, Gabriela and Owen. Lynda and I wanted to demystify chemotherapy, treat them as the adults they are becoming, and give me the light hearted support and love that only one’s children can bring. The plan worked! Session #1 complete. Day 1 seven hours, day 2 two hours. Lots of steroids administered as part of therapy, so I am already imagining the absolute hugeness of my already large muscles!

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