Our Team

Ryan Thibodaux, DDS


While not creating smiles through dentistry or performing with his trumpet, Dr Ryan can be found riding his bike….everywhere. He has pedaled across the United States, pedaled in France and Italy, and pedals to work most days. He loves his bike!

Andrea Jambon

Office Manager

Expert in anything Disney. Has a Masters in Architecture from Tulane University.  Loves the beach, but hates sand and sunscreen. Got married in January 2019 and plans semi-annual Disney trips with her husband!

Andrea “Drea” Duran

Dental Assistant/Insurance Master

Drea joined our office almost two years ago.  Originally from Argentina, she has taught our whole office Spanish and the tango.  She got married January 2020 to her husband, Toni.  Always confuses her “b” and “v” when speaking quickly keeping us all laughing daily.

Diana Nguyen, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Has worked with Dr. Ryan for over 8 years.  She is also a thriving real estate agent.  Diana enjoys traveling with her husband, of which they average 4-5 hours of sleep each night on vacation.  She also owns our original office mascot, Pookie, a terrier that survived Hurricane Katrina on a boat.  Loves eating sweets but brushes and flosses right after!

Elise Voitier, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Mother of two girls, one boy, and one spoiled dog, Tommy. She begins each workday with a 5:30am workout. Never turns down a fitness challenge. Enabler of Mexican Fiestas and Kiki’s cookie addiction.

Rankia (Kiki) Joseph

Expanded Duty Dental Assistant

Kiki is applying to dental hygiene school this coming school year.  She has been an amazing dental assistant to Dr Ryan since 2017. She is a twin and TeeTee to her niece DyNasti. Hates bugs, rain, and cold. Nickname: CookieMonster.  Elise enables Kiki’s cookie obsession by bringing home made cookies often!

Ashlynn Flynn, RDH

Dental Hygienist

Currently in her final year of hygiene school at LSU School of Dentistry.  Ashlynn is a twin and married Michael in June 2019 after dating EIGHT years.  He is also a twin! Plays kickball and loves queso! Future cat lady….

Raquel Palmisano

Dental Hygiene Student

Currently in her first year of school at LSU School of Dentistry – Hygiene Program. Cheez-its are her favorite food group. When she is not out listening to live music and dressing for the occasion, she loves taking selfies with her dog, Miley.