Seriously the BEST dentist and hygienists you will ever find. I am a horrible patient and they put up with me and all of my anxiety. They are even great with children!

Melanie V.

I had been dreading finding a new dentist …but not anymore! The office is clean! My hygienist was thorough, patient answering all of my questions, and just pleasant to be around! Dr. Thibodeaux explained in detail what I needed as far treatment and answered all my questions he was professional but also made you feel like you were talking to an old friend. I am looking forward to bringing in my whole family! If you are looking for a family dentist I highly recommend Storyville Family Dentistry!

Meagan Martinez

I used to dread going to the dentist because of my past experiences. My sister switched to Dr Thibodaux and told me he was fantastic so I thought I would give it a try. I’m so glad that I did! The entire staff is so nice and very knowledgable and know how to put you at ease. I think they could smell my fear especially when I found out that I needed a root canal. Turns out it was painless, and easy, and they really took their time to make sure I was comfortable. Thank you everyone who works there! You really care about your patients!

Denise D.

Very friendly and attentive staff! Just had one of the best and most thorough exams/cleanings ever!

Robyn A.

Dr. Thibodaux, Andrea, and the entire staff go far above and beyond for their patients! The renovated kids room is amazing. And for anyone who is nervous about the dentist, you’ve found your place!

Jessi A.

Had a temporary crown installed as well a couple of fillings repaired. And the best was I took a nap. How’s that fora great experience. Thanks Doc and staff

Michael K.

Let’s just say I went in very nervous and anxious due to not going to the dentist in about 20 years always have had a very big fear of the dentist. I can honestly say after my first visit my anxiety of the dentist is gone. The staff is amazing the dentist was amazing. I will never miss a dental appointment again. This place made me feel so relaxed and will have my teeth perfect soon. I will recommend this office to everyone. Thank you again for helping me conquer my fear and making me feel comfortable.

Michael C.

Let’s be honest, it had been “a number of years” since I had been to the dentist. Surprisingly easy to get an appointment. The hygienist Diane was so focused & thorough, but it never hurt -not one bit. The pictures she took showed how amazingly clean my teeth were after her work! Great staff, great facility, great dentist.

David B.

Went, teeth dirty. Left teeth clean. Ok, all joking aside, great friendly staff who go all out to make sure you are comfortable during your entire visit. The appointment times are kept with zero wait time. Could not ask for a better experience.

Pete T.

Dr. Ryan and staff are very compassionate and understanding. Just real people. Love you guys. New crochet blankets coming soon.

Diana M.

LOOKING FOR A DENTIST? STOP SEARCHING….BC DR. RYAN THIBODAUX IS YOUR GUY!!! I absolutely LOVE Dr. Ryan and his staff!! I’ve been on a search for an honest dentist for years! I’m so glad I found them!!! I recommend everyone to come here. I’ve never been to a doctor’s office where EVERYONE is happy and professional UNTIL….NOW…at Storyville Family Dentistry . You walk in happy and leave happy! I started seeing Dr. Ryan in August 2017, and on my second appt I felt as if I’ve been going there for years! They remember EVERYTHING about you. I love it! Dr. Ryan is very thorough. He takes his time, talks to you and listens to everything you have to say. Elise is the best hygienist!! I freaking love her!!! I love the fact that we’re able to talk while she’s doing my cleaning too! Andrea…she’s freaking awesome too! So accommodating when booking appts. They will get you in quick! My 4yr old son went with daddy for his appt and he stayed in waiting room while he was getting his cleaning. He kicked off his shoes and watched videos. That’s how much you feel at home when you come here. It really is a family dentistry. I love that there’s pictures of Dr. Ryan and his family in every room.
Just call and book your next appt with Dr. Ryan. You won’t be disappointed. You can tell them Trang sent you. 🙂

Trang N.

It’s always a pleasure when I visit my dentist these days. Dr. Ryan and his staff are always so kind and caring. They make you feel like part of the family. The vibe in his office is like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. Great tunes playing while he’s singing to them behind his mask. Everyone should check them out!!

Tina O.

Once upon a time in a galaxy far far away. There was once a young woman 😉 who was absolutely terrified of the dentist that was loyal to the dark side. 12 light years had past when the force brought to light Dr. Ryan Thibodaux DDS the Jedi of dentistry. This master and his young paduwans eliminated the fear of dentistry in my universe and brought peace and a plaque free smile to my world.

Diana M.

Absolutely the best, the entire staff is friendly, accommodating and professional. I’ve been going to Dr. Ryan since I moved here in 2009. Now my whole family goes there! Dr. Ryan makes it a comfortable and painless process and is very sensitive to your concerns, even for a big chicken like me! Love these guys!!

Cheryl Anne

My parents, my wife, my children, and myself all go to Dr. Ryan. Always great visits with the staff and doc. They definitely make you feel like family.

Emile T.

I just had my teeth cleaned! Another great job by Diane. They checked me in ASAP and I am in and out of there!! Everyone is so nice and and cheery, making my dentist visits super easy.

Laure S.

Dr. Ryan is the best dentist I’ve seen! He’s very thorough and takes his time. I would recommend him to everyone I know. He did an excellent job repairing a filling on my front tooth that no other dentist could fix. The process was painless and my tooth looks god as new.

Christina J.

Another AWESOME EXPERIENCE for the Martinez family! Thanks to Ms. Andrea, we were able to get a last minute appointment today. I have never seen such great dedication. I sent her a text DURING A HURRICANE WARNING, and she was able to accommodate me to the fullest! THANK YOU STORYVILLE!! I will continue to highly recommend!

Dana C.

It’s taken me too long to write my story, but to be perfectly honest, I never thought that I would. Over the past many years, I’ve had multiple horrific experiences with local dentists on the Northshore. I’ve had misguided advise, chop shop dental work, ridiculously overcharged, and dentists who were more interested in lecturing me than they were in actually helping me achieve my goal of getting my smile back. I have been well aware of why my teeth weren’t perfect, and how I got there. I’ve always thought it was demeaning to kick a person while they were down, yet the dentists I visited did so over and over again, to a point where I began to believe that getting my smile back was a ship that had sailed long ago.

As with any improvement that I attempt for myself, I never let failure get in the way of trying again, and again, and again. My smile was no different, and it was worth it to keep trying! In July of 2017, it was purely by chance or divine intervention, that while I was spending a few minutes on Facebook, a contact of mine had asked their friends for recommendations for a great dentist. As I was in the market, this was a post that I paid attention to and read completely. One of the suggestions made was for Dr. Ryan Thibodaux, a name that I was familiar with, and a location that was close to my work. So I sucked up my pride, and reached out to Dr. Thibodaux’s office to see if they were accepting new patients; fortunately the welcoming voice on the other end assured me that they did.

My initial visit, a cleaning and assessment of my situation, was a joy (yes a joy)! The staff at Storyville were awesome! They made me, a super chicken, feel comfortable and at ease. The front office staff greeted me as if I was an old friend. They patiently and thoroughly walked me through everything that was going to happen that day. I was immediately impressed with the layout of the office, and was very excited that I wasn’t in an assembly line of dental chairs, an experience that I’d had many times in the past with other dentists. My hygienist was friendly and warm, consistently making sure that I was comfortable, and aware of the how’s and why’s of what she was doing. Once my cleaning was complete and x-rays taken, I was led to a second room that was as comfortable and well decorated as the first, with a dental assistant just as friendly as the first. She loaded all of my pictures on the screens, and Dr. Thibodeaux entered the room with a smile ear to ear, and I immediately knew that this experience was going to be different.

Instead of the usual brow beating that I had received from other dentists in the past, Dr. Thibodeaux told me that my situation wasn’t nearly as bad as I had described to the hygienist. He asked me questions and listened to my answers attentively, and when I told him about my desire to get my smile back, he smiled and understood. Dr. Thibodeaux put together a comprehensive plan that was easy to understand, realistic, and he worked hard to make sure that I was completely comfortable with the plan, the price, and the timeline that was put together. Truly, I was dumbfounded with all of the positive vibes that I was feeling about a visit to this dentist’s office, and to be honest, I still am!

Over the next few months, I visited Storyville Dentistry five times, and had multiple procedures done. Each one was done with the same care and courtesy as the first. Their attentiveness to my comfort was always paramount and appreciated, as I am a bit of a dental coward. The front office is so easy to work with, and friendly. They always help me set appointments that are convenient for my busy schedule, and helpfully send out reminders for my upcoming appointments. The true coup de grace (stroke of grace) for me was Dr. Thibodeaux. He is always patient, kind, explanatory, thorough, professional, and genuinely caring! The quality of his work is brilliant, truly unparalleled!

This is why I felt the need to share my story with others. I have never been so compelled to write a testimonial for a person, product or service that I have received. It was paramount for me to share with others what an incredible experience that I have had at Storyville Dental. While I still have more work to get done, I can honestly say that within three months, I have my smile back, in fact it looks better than when I had it originally. So for anyone who either doesn’t have a dentist, or if you don’t absolutely love the one you have, I highly recommend Dr. Ryan Thibodaux and his amazing staff at Storyville Dental!!

Craig M.

I never really had any good dental experiences until I came to see Dr. Thibodaux and his staff. They have made my visits so relaxing and comfortable for me. I was so impressed with the level of compassion and care that he and his staff provides. They went above and beyond to help me with my dental anxiety during my procedure. The office atmosphere is warm and personal as well which makes you feel right at home. So glad I found this great place!!

Sharon C.

I love Storyville Family Dentistry! My family has been with Dr Ryan for over 15 years! Thanks to Elise, who made sure that my neglected back teeth were properly cleaned yesterday! We also adore his entire team, especially Andrea, who always makes us feel at home! A safe, friendly environment for a healthy smile!!

Monique S.

Dr. Thibodaux and his staff are extremely professional and accommodating. I called in and was able to get an appointment very quickly for a dental cleaning and x-rays. After finding out I needed fillings, they presented me with an estimate including what my insurance would pay for. I love this place! I felt important and valuable as a patient. From the front desk to meeting Dr.Thibodaux the experience has been amazing. I strongly recommend this place to my family and friends and to all of you looking for a new and patient dentist.

Christian C.

I’m terrified of going to the dentist. My boyfriend started going here and told me how great they are. So, I decided to walk through the fear. The staff and doctor are amazing. They made me feel comfortable, walked me through the procedure, and were very patient with me. It’s an over all great atmosphere. I will never go anywhere else.

Rhiannon V.

I have been going to Dr Thibodaux for almost 20 years now. I am – to say the least – very anxious about any and all dental procedure. Everyone who knows me is aware of my genuine fear. I will never forget meeting Ryan’s wife Lynda on the floor (we are nurses) and she said “go see Ryan- he is awesome and will take care of you – don’t worry”. Well that’s what I did and my husband and I have been seeing him ever since. He is an awesome dentist and an even more Awesome DUDE! Love you Ryan Thibodaux- thank you for putting up with me!!!

Krista S.

My wife, in-laws, and I have been patients of Dr. Ryan for over 5 years now and in that time have received nothing less than spectacular service and care. Highly recommend!

Ray A.

This place is awesome. I used to get so nervous about going to the dentist! Not anymore. Everyone is so friendly and Dr. Thibodaux is so gentle. He talks you through everything he is doing. Now instead of dreading going, I look forward to it! I recommend his office for all ages, young and old!

Debbie G.

Just had my third appointment at [Storyville]. From reception to cleaning to getting a filling and follow up, Dr. Ryan and his staff completely took care of me! Everyone is professional and helpful and I especially love checking out all the cool photos and while I’m having my cleanings. It’s definitely New Orleans dentistry at its finest!

Jena J.

Terrific experience! I get anxious in the dentist chair but Dr. Thibodaux and staff have been great at making me feel at ease. Andrea at the front desk is warm and fun. Dr. Thibodaux is obviously in tune with what his patients need and excellent at making it a relaxing experience. I didn’t know dental care could be so pleasant! 😊

Virginia B.

Love all the staff at Storyville Dentistry! I have 4 kids that actually like going to the dentist . My husband works on call , thankful Andrea is always so helpful to work around his schedule for his appointment. Dr. Ryan is super friendly and listens to your questions & concerns.

Michelle C.